Genshin Impact Mobile Controls And Settings

Genshin Impact mobile controls
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Genshin Impact is a gacha-based game that we usually see on Mobile platforms. The game is currently available for both Android and iOS devices(also on PC, PS4). Players can download Genshin Impact by visiting the respective online stores.

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Genshin Impact’s existence on the mobile platform shows how far we have come in terms of mobile gaming. The game looks and plays phenomenal and, it also supports full-fledged graphic settings, gyro support and much more. Today we are going to talk about Genshin Impact mobile controls, graphics settings and all the on-screen UI and their functionalities.

Genshin Impact Mobile Controls And Graphics Settings

Image Credit: Hritwik, miHoYo

Just like any other mobile game, Genshin Impact supports on-screen controls. Players can change settings like Camera and ADS sensitivity, gyro aiming, walk/run mode under controls. For now, Genshin Impact doesn’t support any alteration to the on-screen settings. Players cannot change the location of their virtual d-pad or any other on-screen buttons.

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Image Credit: Hritwik, miHoYo

One of the best things about Genshin Impact mobile is that players can fully customize their graphical experience. There are a wide variety of graphic settings that let players choose between visual fidelity or performance.

  • FPS( Frames Per Second): Players can choose between 30 or 60 fps. More fps -> smooth gameplay.
  • Render Resolution: It enables players to choose the overall resolution of the game(ex- 480p, 720p etc.)
  • Shadow Quality: It enables players to choose the quality of shadows projected by in-game assets(Buildings, NPCs, etc.)
  • Visual Effects: Visual quality of the game. Defines how visually crisp assets look.
  • SFX Quality: Special effects quality setting used for the elemental effects and such other visuals related to particles.
  • Overall Settings: select between lowest, low, medium, high and highest.
  • Motion Blur: It is the apparent streaking of moving objects(i.e in-game characters).

Tip for audio settings: Keep it on max and set audio(voice-overs) to Japanese and take control of Lisa and climb any structure. Following these steps will help you to benchmark the sound quality.

Genshin Impact Mobile On-Screen Controls and Menus

Image Credit: Hritwik, miHoYo
  1. The area used for controlling the in-game character in Genshin Impact mobile.
  2. Used for elemental burst attacks.
  3. Elemental Skill.
  4. Normal attacks.
  5. Jumping and Gliding(mid-air).
  6. Sprinting.
  7. Events menu.
  8. Battle Pass menu unlocked after reaching a certain adventure rank.
  9. Wishes menu.
  10. Logbook or Adventure book where players can find daily commissions, domains, bosses and some challenges.
  11. Player Inventory.
  12. Character menu.
  13. Co-op menu.
  14. Concentration/focus mode(used for detecting elemental prints and more).
  15. Main Menu.
  16. Story Quests log.

Genshin Impact is easy to control on mobile devices. The only problem we can point out is while using a character with bow. Going in ADS mode and using a weapon or attack is tiresome and unresponsive on some mobile devices.

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Genshin Impact Mobile Controls And Settings


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