How To Fix Lag in Star Trek Fleet Command

a ship being attacked in star trek fleet command

Star Trek: Fleet Command is a content-heavy game; with that, lags are bound to happen. Fortunately, there’s usually a fix for it. If your game isn’t working correctly, try these methods. This is how to fix lag in Star Trek Fleet Command.

How To Play Star Trek: Fleet Command

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For those unfamiliar, Star Trek: Fleet Command is a game based on the popular franchise. It is essentially a ship management simulator, where you have to deal with all the things that Captains do. If you enjoy that style of game, you’ll love Star Trek: Fleet Command.

How To Solve Lag With Updates

a ship from star trek fleet command

This might sound counterproductive, but when it comes to updates for the game, it’s best to check in advance if there are any issues. Sometimes updates can make the game worse and you’re better off just not downloading it. This will depend on your device, so keep an eye out for any specific issues.

Use a Strong Connection

Star Trek Fleet Command is not the kind of game to play to kill time when you’re out and about. It plays best over a strong wi-fi connection, so if you’re having lagging issues and none of the other diagnostics have worked, it’s most likely the lack of stable internet.

Turn Off Large Programs

Before opening the game, make sure to close any large applications you have open on your device. In this case, the reason for the lag might be that your device is trying to run two heavy programs at the same time. If the game doesn’t have to share any power, it will run better.

Check The Game Traffic

Another outside factor causing issues could be the amount of traffic on your connection or in the game. If there are a lot of people playing on the server, it will likely be much slower until the traffic dies down. It will all depend on the popularity of the server you are playing on.

With one of these methods, you should be able to quickly diagnose your lagging problem and have a smoother playing experience in Star Trek: Fleet Command!

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How To Fix Lag in Star Trek Fleet Command


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