Fallout 76 is a live-service post-apocalyptic roleplaying game plagued with performance, server, and other issues. Years after its official launch, the developers Bethesda managed to fix some of the game-breaking bugs and most performance issues. However, there is this login error game code failure that many players encounter to this day. Seeing that, we are here with this guide that will tell you how to fix Fallout 76 login error game code failure. 

How to Fix Fallout 76 Login Error Game Code Failure

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Fallout 76 login error game code failure mainly arises when the game is unable to connect to the game servers. So the first thing players should do is to check whether the Fallout 76 game servers are active or down. You can check the Fallout 76 server status on the Bethesda Status page. 

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If the game servers are fine and you are still getting the Fallout 76 login error game code failure issue, it is time to verify the game file integrity. Depending on the platform and service you used to download and play Fallout 76, the steps to verify game file integrity differ. You can check this official post from Besthesda on how to verify game file integrity in Fallout 76 for more details. 

Image Credit – Hritwik

If the issue persists, we recommend you restart your system, and disconnect any Proxy or VPN service. And try running Fallout 76, if you are still getting login error game code failure issues, download the game once again. 

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And if that also doesn’t resolve the issue, it is time to contact Bethesda Customer Support

Screengrab via Bethesda Status

At the time of writing this article! We checked the server status of Fallout 76. And, we could see a partial outage. However, when we opened the game on PC, it was running, and we faced no issues. So, the point we are trying to make is—even with the partial outage, there is a chance that you can still play the game. 

Fallout 76 is currently available on PlayStation, Xbox, Xbox Cloud, and PC platforms. 

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How to Fix Fallout 76 Login Error Game Code Failure


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