How to Fix Broken Desealing Rods in Star Trek: Fleet Command

desealing rods from star trek

If you’re a Star Trek fan, you must check out Star Trek: Fleet Command, the newest mobile game based on the popular franchise. This simulator game puts the player into the shoes of being a Starfleet captain. As a result, you must deal with all of the things Captains do, ie: tactics, diplomacy, and ship management. In between all of that, you have the opportunity to get some special items from the Lockbox in the game’s Treasury. To open that, you have to use something called desealing rods. However, the ones you get won’t be ready to use right away. This is how to fix broken desealing rods in Star Trek: Fleet Command.

How To Get To The Treasury

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To actually access the Treasury, you have to get to at least level 15 in the Operations Menu. At that point, the Treasury will open. However, there won’t be anything in it at first, as you have to fill it with items through general gameplay. This includes beating enemies and task completion.

A vault from Star Trek.

Now for the Desealing Rods, you have two options. If you want to, you can take a shortcut and purchase one ready to go from the Store. If you don’t mind some long-term grinding, you can do the next option for free.

How To Fix Broken Dealing Rods F2P Style

To actually fix broken desealing rods, you need to collect 4000 in total to exchange them for a working one. This seems like a lot, and frankly, it is a lot, but the Lockbox isn’t a required part of the game. It contains items that are helpful, but not game-changing. Therefore, you can think of this as a backburner quest, something to collect as a small priority while you go through the game. Before you know it, you’ll have been playing the game for months and have all the broken desealing rods you need.

Now that you know how to fix desealing rods, it’s time to start grinding! Hurry, only 3999 to go!

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How to Fix Broken Desealing Rods in Star Trek: Fleet Command


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