How to Find Travelers in No Man’s Sky

How to Find Travelers in No Man’s Sky

The more major updates come out for the space arcade simulator from Hello Games, the more interesting it is to explore the huge size of the world of this universe. We will briefly explain in the guide how to find Travelers in No Mans Sky who were recently added to the game.

Who are Travelers in No Mans Sky?

They are thin creatures belonging to the humanoid type of appearance. Since the game has a procedural generation algorithm, each alien model is unique. Even within the same race, there are many dissimilar individuals. Differences lie in terms of communication. But for us, it is important that the so-called Portal Signs will appear with their help.

Some guys look like people, others have a head in the form of a brightly illuminated ball. There are also hologram creatures, they are generally difficult to confuse with anyone else. If you play for this faction, you will not be able to hang a similar effect on yourself. It is applied randomly, the gamer is not able to influence the algorithm.

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No Mans Sky Guide: Where to Find Travelers?

Random controls everything, so it is impossible to determine the exact location. Be sure to inspect trading posts and space stations. Did you see a cargo starship land? Quickly run up to it and open the dialog box for communication.

To get Portal Signs, you need to communicate with Travelers. For every fifteen nanites, you get the corresponding units. If you have 100 nanites, the secret coordinates will be displayed on the screen. Flying over them, you will find the keys of interest, which are simply impossible to find in a different situation. It is possible that they are created at the time of your request in a dialogue with the alien.

This is everything you need to know about travelers in No Man’s Sky and where to find them. Just go discover the world and you will find them!

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How to Find Travelers in No Man’s Sky


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