How to Find Fossils Easily in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Fossil with diamonds

The vast sandbox worlds of Minecraft are filled with various structures helping define the game’s world-building. Some buildings like nether fortresses and bastion remnants harbor valuable loot items, while structures like fossils and desert wells tell stories about the Minecraft world.

Fossils are one of the rarest structures in the Overworld. These structures depict the skeleton system of a large mob. Minecraft theorists love to come up with stories themed around mysterious fossils.

Being a rare structure, not many have seen fossils with their eyes. This Minecraft guide will help you find fossils in the Overworld and the Nether realm.

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Fossils in Minecraft Pocket Edition: Where do they generate

Fossil in soul sand valley

The best place to find fossils in Minecraft is soul sand valley, located in the Nether realm. These structures are much more common in soul sand valleys than in the entire Overworld. Players can find fossils of different sizes exposed on the surface of soul sand valley biomes.

Fossils can also be found in the Overworld. However, unlike in the Nether realm, the Overworld fossils are rarely exposed to air and generate deep in the ground. Because of this, coming across a fossil is a rare occurrence even to veteran Minecrafters.

In the Overworld, fossils generate only in swamp and desert biomes. Players interested in finding an Overworld fossil will have to dig through many layers of stones and deepslate in swamps and deserts. Overworld fossils generate between height levels 0 to 320 or -63 to -8.

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Every 1 out of 64 desert or swamp chunks has a chance to contain a single fossil. Players will ultimately have to dig through way too many blocks to find one fossil in Minecraft Overworld. If players only want bone blocks, it is better to craft them using bones or visit the Nether realm to find fossils in soul sand valley easily.

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How to Find Fossils Easily in Minecraft Pocket Edition


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