How to Find a Desert Biome in Minecraft

standing on top of a desert biome in minecraft

Desert biomes in Minecraft can offer some interesting resources, particularly if you are doing a project involving a lot of glass and need sand. This is where you can also find fossils that are a great resource for bone meal and bone blocks. They don’t have much in the ways of wood and trees, but have a lot more structures compared to the other biomes. Desert areas also have cacti. As a result, they are worth seeking out. Finding one can be tricky, but here is how to do it.

How To Find A Desert Biome

standing on top of a desert biome in minecraft

If you can find a badlands biome, desert biomes have been known to show up in spots between oceans and badlands biomes. Craft a boat if you don’t already have one and explore the ocean until you see a landmass that is almost completely covered in sand; this is a desert biome. Many players have had success even going across the water from any biome and finding one in some cases. That is the way you find them in low erosion areas. To find them without going across the ocean, look for places with high erosion. You can spot these by looking for flat areas with a small number of hills.

When adventuring to the desert, make sure to bring plenty of resources to sustain yourself, as there is very little in the ways of food in this section. The enemies here, husks, are more dangerous and present than the normal zombies because they do not burn when the sun comes up, so make sure to come with your best weapons and armor. Watch out for getting too closer to the pillager settlements here as well.

When you pinpoint a desert biome, you’ll have a brand new place to go for special resources!

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How to Find a Desert Biome in Minecraft


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