Sneaky Sasquatch is better than ever after the latest update and the ever-expanding map! There are more quests to go on and hidden areas to uncover with the help of some Demolition Ducks.

As you explore the map, you will find there are some areas blocked off by rocks, along with an eager-looking duck in a hard hat waiting nearby. If you speak to these ducks, they will ask you if you have any dynamite to help them in their demolition duties… But where would you get some dynamite to offer them?

How to Obtain the Dynamite

You can get the dynamite by finishing the Mushroom Hunter quest. Find the Mushroom Hunter in his house by the river near the Marina, which you can access by boat. Follow the fast-running river upstream until you find a calm area to park up, then follow the path to a house. The Mushroom Hunter will ask you to find him 29 different types of mushrooms from all over the map, and once you have found at least 85% of them, he will reward you with four sticks of dynamite. Follow our guide if you need help finding any of the mushrooms- some of them can be quite tricky! Once you have the dynamite, you can give one to each of the Demolition Ducks and watch them clear the rocks with an explosion!

Where to Find the Demolition Ducks

All of the ducks can be found along the fast-running river except for one who can be found on the Island.

Duck 1

Sneaky Sasquatch

We found one of the Demolition Ducks on the Island, ready to blow a hole in the mountain to create a cave. Just drive along the road until you get to a pond and there he is.

Duck 2

Sneaky Sasquatch

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Another Demolition Duck can be found along the fast-running river in this calm clearing. This is also where you can unlock a construction project to build a River Dock in this area.

Duck 3

Sneaky Sasquatch

The next Demotion Duck we found was along the fast-running river next to some rocks jutting out into the water. His detonating cord runs along towards some rocks blocking the way to the Mushroom Hunter’s house.

Duck 4

Sneaky Sasquatch

The final Demolition Duck is situated where the fast-running river splits into two, but the new river is blocked by rocks. The clever duck will blast those rocks away and allow you to travel up the new waterway.

Best of luck!

Sneaky Sasquatch is available to play through Apple Arcade.

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