How to Find Buried Treasure Chest in Minecraft Bedrock

Buried Treasure

While exploring the Minecraft world, players come across many kinds of structures. A lot of these structures are loaded with chests. Buried treasure is the only type of loot chest generated without any structure surrounding it.

As obvious from the name, buried treasure chests generate below the ground. Inside this chest, players can find useful items like the heart of the sea, diamond, potion of water breathing, iron, music disc, and more.

In this Minecraft guide, we talk about buried treasure chests and how to find them.

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Finding Buried Treasure Chest in Minecraft Bedrock

The journey to the buried treasure chest starts with a treasure map. Minecraft players can find buried treasure maps inside chests in shipwrecks and ocean ruins. By holding the map in their hand, players can see a red cross mark on the map.

Buried Treasure Map

Underneath the red cross, players can find a buried treasure chest. Stand at the center of the cross mark and start digging around. Usually, buried treasure chests generate under sand or gravel, but sometimes they can also be hidden under stone or sandstone blocks.

Finding a buried treasure chest involves a lot of digging unless players are lucky enough to discover the chest on the first attempt. Players are suggested to bring a shovel to make digging sand and gravel faster and easier.

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How to Find Buried Treasure Chest in Minecraft Bedrock


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