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How to Find All Umbrellas in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Check out this guide to learn how to find all umbrellas in Hello Kitty Island Adventure for Hello Kitty's Cafe!

So many errands, so little time! Just kidding. You have all the time in the world with this cute cozy game, but sometimes you want to get the basic quests done to unlock the rest of the island. One of the first little quests you have to get done is for Hello Kitty herself. She has misplaced the umbrellas in her café, and no eatery is complete without somewhere shaded for the customers to eat outside. Let’s help Hello Kitty find her three lost cafe umbrellas in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

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Hello Kitty Island Adventure lost umbrella locations

There are three umbrellas to find for Hello Kitty in the Umbrella Escapade quest. It is possible to find all three of the umbrellas before you even accept the quest from Hello Kitty, so if you haven’t yet unlocked this part of the quests, it is not an issue. Just pick up the umbrellas from each of the locations shown below, and you can hand them straight over as soon as the quest starts!

The first umbrella is located literally just outside Hello Kitty’s cafe, between that building and Tuxedosam’s place. Pick it up by tapping the hand icon, and it will be stored in the inventory until you can hand them over to Hello Kitty.

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The next umbrella is the trickiest to find, as it is not just hanging around in the main resort plaza. Head along the path towards the top left of the area and find the umbrella near a pond. Tap the hand icon to place it in your inventory.

The final umbrella is near the beach, near the center of the resort plaza. Scan across the sandy areas out the front of the shops and café to find it. Tap the hand icon to place it in your inventory.

After gathering them all, you must complete the final part of the quest, which is pretty simple. All you need to do is place them on each of the tables situated outside the café area, indicated by an exclamation mark.

Finally, speak to Hello Kitty to let her know you have found the umbrellas to complete this Hello Kitty Island Adventure quest!

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How to Find All Umbrellas in Hello Kitty Island Adventure