How to Find a Desert Temple in Minecraft

You wander through the desert in Minecraft and here you notice a pyramid, and there are towers nearby. Yes, this is a desert temple, congratulations. But what if suddenly you’re not lucky enough to find it randomly? What to do in this case? In this guide, we will tell you how to find a desert temple in Minecraft.

What Is a Desert Temple in Minecraft?

The Desert Temple is three buildings. First and foremost is a pyramid with a hole to enter the temple. The pyramid has two floors. The first, the bottom one, has a passage to the treasury. The passage is a block of blue wool. The second floor is empty. There are also towers next to the pyramid.

They can be accessed from the main pyramid. They are symmetrical and lead up the stairs. If they are covered with sand, then it will not work to go up.

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How Can I Find a Desert Temple in Minecraft?

There are several ways to find it. The first one is to simply walk around a desert and to hope that you will find it until you die. Also, you can just fly through the desert. Just enter the “Creativity” mode and press the jump button twice in a row.

You can also Enable cheats and click on the chat button. There you just enter the command “/ locate temple.” You will be given the coordinates of the nearest desert temple for example: “46, y = ?, 234”. Now you will need to remember these coordinates. Open the chat and enter “tp @s 46 100 234.” After entering the command, you will find yourself near the temple. It can also be located in a village. But at the same time, it is not part of it.

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