How to Feed your Dog in Potion Permit

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Potion Permit is a game that helps you fulfil many fantasies by helping out an entire community using your knowledge of chemistry and earn a considerable amount of money without putting in a lot of effort.

And although there are lots of things you can do in Potion Permit, a very important part of the game is owning a dog. Having a dog in the game feels almost like having one in real life. So in this article, we’ll be guiding you on how to feed your Dog in Potion Permit.

How to Feed your Dog in Potion Permit


Similar to having a relationship meter with all the residents in the town of Moonbury, you also have a relationship meter with your dog, who you will be allowed to name at the start of the game. And although it starts out pretty empty, there are two ways of boosting your dog’s mood: petting them or feeding them. Let’s talk about the latter.

How to feed your Dog

Note: Whenever your dog is hungry, it will constantly whine at you and will not be able to run as fast as usual. This makes them very unhelpful, especially if you need them to dig up some specific items from mounds or locate an NPC.

So to feed your Dog in Potion Permit, you’ll first of all need to buy some food items from one of the local shops and make the dog food yourself in the kitchen or you can also forage for meals outside of town.

Once the food is ready, you can feed your Dog by calling over. You can do this by using the Whistle button that’s mapped to the right trigger by default. When your dog arrives and sits down, you can interact and feed them.

Like in real life, your dog possesses likes and dislikes. So your relationship meter with them will increase if you feed them a meal they enjoyed. Dogs usually enjoy Mushrooms and Honey, so you can continuously use these to feed your Dog throughout the game.

And lastly, sometimes your dog will get stuck sitting outside of a building especially if you’ve just exited a building. You can simply walk away a bit until the dog follows you, then whistle.

Upon starting the game, you’ll have little to no resources, so buying food will be very expensive. Unlocking the kitchen shouldn’t be your priority at first, you can choose to forage for a while.

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How to Feed your Dog in Potion Permit


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