All Romanceable Characters in Potion Permit


Potion Permit is a brand-new simulation game where players take the role of an aspiring chemist. Originally from the capital, your journey has taken you to the small island of Moonbury. Your healing potions are ready to go to work, but the townsfolk don’t quite trust you just yet. You’ll have to make friends, earn their trust, and maybe even find some love along the way. Today, we’ll show you all romanceable characters in Potion Permit!

Characters you can Romance in Potion Permit

As of the game’s launch, there will be a total of six characters you can date. There are three bachelors and three bachelorettes, each with their own distinct personalities and backstories. Who will you pursue?

The Bachelors

From left to right: Matheo, Reyner, Xiao

Matheo is the first bachelor, and he is Moonbury’s local Witch Doctor. He comes from a long line of Witch Doctors who only use natural remedies, local to the island. He sees modernized medicine from the capital as defective, and refuses to use any new techniques, which often makes him butt heads with the player.

Reyner is the head carpenter of Moonbury, and he’s the owner of Bulk and Build, the shop where the player can buy furniture and upgrade their house. Honest and hardworking, Reyner is a simple man who loves his craft and wants to help out Moonbury in any way. He’s currently training an apprentice blacksmith named Runehart.

Xiao is Moonbury’s treasurer and right-hand man of the mayor. Cool, calm, and calculated, Xiao is a logical thinker and always looks for practical solutions. When he’s not working at the Town Hall, he’s tutoring Rue at the request of the mayor. He’s constantly working to improve Moonbury.

The Bachelorettes

From left to right: Leano, Martha, Rue

Leano is Moonbury’s expert sailor and fisherman. Upon meeting her for the first time, she’ll tell the player of her tales out at sea, but those days are behind her now. As a retired pirate, she’s now pursuing a peaceful life of fishing at the Primerose Sail, her own shop. She works the shop with Ottmar, her friend and assistant.

Martha is a waitress who tends to the Lazy Bowl Tavern, located at the heart of Moonbury. She moved to Moonbury when she was young, and has lived there ever since. She has a very warm and welcoming demeanor, and if that doesn’t win you over, her famous cookies certainly will!

Rue is the young daughter of the mayor Myer and Mariele, and is the reason for the entire plot of the game, as the player comes to Moonbury to treat her conditions. Despite her illness, Rue is a cheerful and bright girl who loves to look on the bright side. She dreams of becoming a Chemist one day, just like the player, so she’s starting her own garden to grow ingredients.

Those are all the romancable characters in Potion Permit, at least according to the demo. Which character strikes your fancy? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below! Thank you fro reading!

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All Romanceable Characters in Potion Permit


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