Potion Permit All Potions List and How to Make Them


Potion Permit is an exciting project that allows you to make different potions and use them to help your patients. The game features a huge list of them and you will have to learn all of these elixirs, balms, etc. So, this guide will provide you with the list of all potions and will tell you how to make them in Potion Permit.

How to Make Potions in Potion Permit

Potions are very important in this game and you will have to know how to craft them. For this purpose, you will have to use your alchemical cauldron. When you want to make a certain potion you will have to solve a puzzle. It looks like a few blocks that you need to fill.

Each ingredient has its own element and a certain Tetris-like figure of blocks that you can use to fill the puzzle. However, you won’t be able to use all of them as some potion recipes don’t allow you to use certain elements. So, you will have to prepare lots of ingredients if you want to craft a high-tier potion.

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List of All Potions in Potion Permit

There are lots of potions you can make in this game. Today we are going to name all of them. Here is the list of potions in Potion Permit:

  • Neutralizing Herbal Balm – Tier 1
  • Relaxing Balm – Tier 1
  • Sun Drops – Tier 1
  • Wound Cleanser – Tier 1
  • Basic Serum – Tier 1
  • Violet Mist – Tier 1
  • Peppers Ointment – Tier 2
  • Cerulean Scrub – Tier 2
  • Alacrity Concoction – Tier 2
  • Popping Aid – Tier 2
  • Twirl Solution – Tier 2
  • Intermediate Serum – Tier 2
  • Cooling Spray – Tier 3
  • Rejuvenating Tears – Tier 3
  • Freezing Draught – Tier 3
  • Vision Ward – Tier 3
  • Thunder Kiss – Tier 3
  • Advanced Serum – Tier 3
  • Beat Reagent – Tier 4
  • Minty Goblet – Tier 4
  • Dark Tranquilizer – Tier 4
  • Cloud Fairy – Tier 4
  • Calming Wind – Tier 4
  • Angel Wine – Special Potion
  • Appetite Suppressor – Special Potion
  • Blade Tonic – Special Potion
  • Blue Blood – Special Potion
  • Bone Enhancer – Special Potion
  • Clear Potion – Special Potion
  • Draconic Temper – Special Potion
  • Energizer – Special Potion
  • Fancy Aromatic – Special Potion
  • Fiery Ointment – Special Potion
  • Fortified Bone Broth – Special Potion
  • Frostmite Repellent – Special Potion
  • Fungi Duster – Special Potion
  • Glowing Purified Water – Special Potion
  • Gunpowder – Special Potion
  • Heat Paste – Special Potion
  • Herbal Wax – Special Potion
  • Iris Vial – Special Potion
  • Liquid Fertilizer – Special Potion
  • Maggot Removal – Special Potion
  • Metal Rust Gel – Special Potion
  • Moonbrine – Special Potion
  • Moss Crusher – Special Potion
  • Pungent Draught – Special Potion
  • Relaxing Soother – Special Potion
  • Scalp Tonic – Special Potion
  • Slime Kisser – Special Potion
  • Soil Fertilizer – Special Potion
  • Stomach Cleanser – Special Potion
  • Sun Elixir – Special Potion
  • Sweet Crystals – Special Potion
  • Sweet Slumber – Special Potion
  • Tongue Cooler – Special Potion
  • Weight Enhancer – Special Potion
  • White Breeze – Special Potion

This list includes all potions in this game including special ones that you will have to make for certain quests. Good luck with your further experiments in Potion Permit!

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Potion Permit All Potions List and How to Make Them


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