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How to Feed your Cows in Farming Simulator 23

How to Feed your Cows in Farming Simulator 23

Being a farmer is a tough but rewarding job, and Farming Simulator, recreates it brilliantly. If you have chosen animal husbandry as your main focus, or you have decided to have a few cows as a side hustle, it will be good to know exactly how to care for them. There is some good money to make in dairy farming, but you will need to make sure you can feed and care for the animals so they produce good quality milk to sell. Let’s explore how to feed your cows in Farming Simulator 23.

Feeding cows in Farming Simulator 23

Running a dairy farm requires a few essentials before you even think about buying and feeding any cows. Let’s start from the very beginning with the basic equipment and things you will, and how much they will cost:

  • Cow Barn – $254,000
  • Farsen PF 2.24 Plus – $50,000 (Silage)
  • Anderson Pro-Chop 150 – $37,000 (Hay)
  • Cows – from $200 to $1550 each depending on maturity
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Once you have bought some cows, they will need feeding if they are going to produce milk to sell! You can buy up to 45 cows for the cow shed. Check on how the cows are doing and what they need by tapping on Menu and then Animals. You will see under Food which food type will yield the best results.

Sileage (wrapped Grass bales) is the best, followed by Hay and then Grass, if you have no Silage then the cows will produce well with 80% Hay and 40% Grass mix. Personally, I only use silage as it is the most effective but they can all be produced relatively easily. There is also information on the conditions in the barn such as Productivity, Milk, Straw, and Slurry.

Any Hay, Grass, or Silage you have grown and baled should be stored in the Bale and Pallet Storage barn. The Farsen PF 2.24 Plus mixer wagon can be used to pick up the bales from the Storage barn and take the mixed silage to the barn. The barn doors will have to be open on both ends so you can drive your tractor right in and then through the other side when you have unloaded. The cow trough will take just under 6 silage bales to fill.

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Your cows also need Straw for comfort and to increase their production. To give the cows straw, do the same steps as above but with the Anderson Pro-Chop 150 to pick up the straw from storage. Take it into the cow Barn and it will spray the straw out for the cows.

If you keep topping up the silage and straw your cows will produce lots of lovely milk to sell, and manure to use on the farm! Keep feeding your cows in Farming Simulator 23, and they will make you a very happy farmer.

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How to Feed your Cows in Farming Simulator 23