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How to Farm Zeny in Ragnarok Origin

This guide shares some of the best ways of obtaining Zeny fast in Ragnarok Origin.

Zeny is one of the currencies in Ragnarok Origin that players can use to buy new items, trade unique cards and other such things with other players, and much more. Though similar to most mobile games out there, Ragnarok Origin shies away when it comes to explaining to players how to get Zeny. 

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Seeing that, we prepared this guide that details different methods using which you can farm a ton of Zeny fast in Ragnarok Origin

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How to Farm Zeny in Ragnarok Origin

Image via GRAVITY Co.

You can farm Zeny in Ragnarok Origin in a few different ways. These are:

Guild Events and Weekly Benefit

In Ragnarok Origin, you can join a Guild and participate in the guild events while tackling the ‘Weekly Benefits’ to get a ton of Zeny every week. 

Moreover, the Weekly Benefits also reward you with Diamonds, making the overall Guild feature one of the best means to obtain premium currencies. 

Selling Items

Go to the Store option, navigate to the ‘Sell’ tab, and get rid of the items you no longer use. Selling unused items will net you a lot of Zeny quickly in Ragnarok Origin

Trade Cards

Have a card in Ragnarok Origin that you no longer use? Trade it to other players via Auction or other means in exchange for Zeny. Trading items with other players is one of the best, if not the best, ways of obtaining Zeny in the entire game. 

Daily Events

Daily events are challenges in Ragnarok Origin that you can find under the Event menu that reward you with a ton of Zeny upon completion. Since these are daily events, you can access new ones every 24 hours. 

Now, talking about the best way to farm a lot of Zeny, as soon as you log into the game, add some of your Cards for sale, and make sure to put appropriate prices. Once that is done, start tackling the daily events and other quests that you have pending. 

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After that, sell the items you acquired while completing the dailies and other quests. 

Note: Not all daily events reward you with Zeny; some give you new pets, materials, and other things. 

Lastly, go to the Guild menu and complete the events or activities that are currently active to ensure you don’t miss those Weekly Benefits. 

That concludes our guide on how to farm Zeny in Ragnarok Origin. Check out our dedicated Ragnarok Origin guides section for more on the game. 

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How to Farm Zeny in Ragnarok Origin