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Best Ragnarok Origin Sniper Crit Build

Best Ragnarok Origin Sniper Crit Build
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Snipers are Archers that honed their archery skills to the point where they have become master marksmen. Not only that, but they have also trained their companion falcon to be extra lethal. Needless to say, Snipers are extremely deadly, and you can make them even deadlier by building them for landing lots of critical hits. Here are some of the best Ragnarok Origin Sniper crit builds.

The best crit build for Snipers in Ragnarok Origin

Sniper is the second Job advancement available to Archer, after reaching their first Job advancement, Hunter. Just like Hunters and Archers, the main stats Snipers primarily want are:

  • DEX grants 1 ranged base PATK, 0.2 melee base PATK, 0.5% ranged weapon ATK, 0.2 base MDEF, 1 HIT, some ASPD, and reduces your CT.
  • AGI grants 1 FLEE, 0.2 base PDEF, and some ASPD.
  • LUK grants 0.3 CRI, 0.2 CRIT RES, 0.2 base PATK, and 0.3 base MATK.

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Prioritize DEX as your main stat. After that, you can alternate between AGI for more ASPD with some skills scaling off of it, and LUK for more CRI. For skills, here are some of your best options.

Image via Gravity Co.

1st Job: Archer skills

  • Owl’s Eye permanently increases your DEX per point. An easy way to up to your maximum DEX.
  • Vulture’s Eye permanently increases your range per point. You can snipe enemies from farther away with this skill.
  • Attention Concentrate boosts both your DEX and AGI temporarily, giving you even more stats to work with.
  • Double Strafe launches two arrows at an enemy, and its speed scales with your ASPD. Great single target damage.

2nd Job: Hunter skills

  • Falconry Mastery lets you summon a companion falcon to aid you in battle. More damage is always helpful, and later on, your falcon can benefit from your CRI.
  • Steel Crow permanently increases your falcon’s physical damage.
  • Blitz Beat sends your falcon towards the targeted area, dealing heavy damage to up to ten nearby enemies. Blitz Beat has a chance to trigger another time depending on your LUK.
  • Wind Dance is basically a souped-up version of Double Strafe, unleashing more arrows. Similar to Double Strafe, Wind Dance is also affected by your ASPD.
  • Since we are going for pure CRI here, the Trap skills go mostly ignored. This is not to say that they are bad, but we have to work with the points allotted.

3rd Job: Sniper skills

  • Sharp Shooting is an AoE attack that deals damage and temporarily boosts your CRI.
  • True Sight temporarily boosts all main stats, weapon ATK, CRI, and CRI.DAM. Stack this with Sharp Shooting for the biggest CRI boost.
  • Burst Claw gives your falcon a chance to perform a powerful strike, which is an automatic critical hit. Burst Claw’s activation chance increases with your character’s CRI. Additionally, this skill boosts the effect of Steel Crow.
  • Refined Double Strafing gives Double Strafe a chance to launch three arrows instead of two.

Overall, this build focuses on pumping your main combat stats while also increasing your CRI and taking advantage of it with powerful, single-target skills and lightning fast auto attacks. To compliment your main damage, this build takes the falcon skills that focus on improving its attack power and CRI.

Have a more optimized crit build in mind for Snipers in Ragnarok Origin? Let us know your favorite builds in the comments below. While you are at it, be sure to check out our dedicated guide collection on Ragnarok Origin.

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Best Ragnarok Origin Sniper Crit Build