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How to Find and Complete Box of Youth in Ragnarok Origin

How to Find and Complete Box of Youth in Ragnarok Origin
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Ragnarok Origin is choc-full of interesting quests that will keep you glued to your screen, and they just keep getting better. While starting most of the quests is rather straightforward, some are more difficult to trigger if you don’t know what you’re doing or where you need to go.

The Box of Youth quest is one of those hidden tasks that you may miss completely if you don’t trigger it by pure luck or thorough exploration. But no need to be concerned—in this guide, we explain how to find and complete the Box of Youth quest in Ragnarok Origin.

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How to Find the Box of Youth in Ragnarok Origin

You can find the Box of Youth and start the titular quest at the bottom of the Undersea Tunnel 3F map. The box in question is just laying on the seabed next to a tower with golden ornaments in the central part of the southernmost area of the map. It is a small grey container that can be easily overlooked, so pay close attention when exploring this section. Once you see it, you will need to approach and pick up the box to trigger the Box of Youth quest in Ragnarok Origin.

Box of Youth location in Ragnarok Origin
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You will be able to trigger this quest after reaching level 80, but we recommend getting to level 82 before you try to complete it because of a boss fight that awaits at the end.

How to Complete the Box of Youth Quest in Ragnarok Origin

As soon as you pick up the box, you will hear the voice of the Obeaune Boss’ Daughter asking you to bring the box to her. Obeaune Boss’ Daughter is a beautiful mermaid that you can find close to the box’s location. She has been looking for the box that contains the youth of a man, and she will let you read her diary for more information.

The diary entry explains that the mermaid’s father unleashed a terrible curse on humans that steals their youth by allowing them to eat and drink as much as they want under the sea. The curse struck the princess’s savior who helped her when she was bullied at the beach, and now he is an old man. The mermaid princess wants to stop the curse and give him his youth back, and for that, she requires your assistance.

You will then need to find the source of the curse, which is protected by some uncooperative guards. To pass further, you will need to obtain some earthworms to bribe the guards, and you can get some at the marked location nearby. The bribe will work, and you will be able to head deeper into the area where the curse originated.

Once on location, you will turn into the mermaid princess as a disguise so that you can freely interact with the Prophecy Tablet and infiltrate the source of the curse. To solve the Prophecy Tablet, you will need to read the prophecy carefully and select a corresponding rune for each line—it’s all about colors:

Prophecy Tablet puzzle (Box of Life) in Ragnarok Origin
Screenshot by TouchTapPlay
  1. The deep ocean contains a clear blue sky—select the blue rune in the first row
  2. Cyan-scaled dancers guided you to this place—pick the cyan (light blue) rune in the second row
  3. They are destined to meet each other at the Golden Shore—go for the yellow rune in the next set that appears
  4. She is leaving for somewhere afar where the sunset meets the ocean—choose the red rune in the last set

However, as soon as you unlock the source of the curse, your disguise will be busted by the guards, and you will need to defeat them. Soon, the princess’s father, the Obeaune Leader, will appear as well, and you will need to fight him off. When he regains his sanity, you will be able to travel through the portal that the princess opens for you on Byalan Island. Return the box of youth to the man who saved the beautiful mermaid to restore his youth and complete the quest.

You will receive Diamonds, Eden Coins, base EXP, Headwear Crystal, and Golden Powder as the reward.

That concludes our guide on how to find and complete the Box of Youth quest in Ragnarok Origin. For more assistance in this game, check out our other guides in the dedicated Ragnarok Origin section here on TouchTapPlay!

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How to Find and Complete Box of Youth in Ragnarok Origin