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How to Get Frozen Dried Blueberry in Ragnarok Origin

How to Get Frozen Dried Blueberry in Ragnarok Origin
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Ragnarok Origin has lots of companions for players to collect, and they can either be mounts or pets. You can hop aboard your mount and travel through the world at a faster pace, and you can even feed certain mounts their favorite snacks to increase their stats. Today, we’ll be looking at how to get the Frozen Dried Blueberry in Ragnarok Origin.

Can you get Frozen Dried Blueberry in Ragnarok Origin?

There is a special type of mount called Job Mounts. As we mentioned, the Frozen Dried Blueberry is one of the special food items that you can feed to Job Mounts. Just like player characters, the Job Mounts in Ragnarok Origin have their own set of attributes, which increase your own character’s stats.

  • Courage: Increases ATK and MATK
  • Intellect: Reduces DMG taken
  • Loyalty: Reduces MDMG taken
  • Charisma: Increases Physical and magic damage
  • Charm: Increases max HP

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A mount’s attributes can be increased by feeding them certain foods and snacks. Each food item increases one attribute, so you have to ensure that you are feeding your mount all the desired stat boosts.

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Frozen Dried Blueberries are fruits that grant courage to mounts after they eat it. You may have come across it when looking at the Job Mount feeding screen, so how exactly do you get some of these delicious frozen fruits?

Well, unfortunately, the short answer is that you cannot get Frozen Dried Blueberries at the moment. These fruits have not yet been released on the global version of Ragnarok Origin. Although, since they’re showing up on the Job Mount feeding screen, we can only assume that means they are going to show up soon.

In the meantime, you can work on feeding your Job Mounts other yummy goodies to increase their attributes for now. Once the Frozen Dried Blueberries show up, you can start collecting them to boost your Job Mounts.

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How to Get Frozen Dried Blueberry in Ragnarok Origin