How to Farm Zeny in Ragnarok Labyrinth


Ragnarok Labyrinth is an exciting game where you can not only enjoy the gameplay but also earn real money with an ONBUFF coin. But there is another currency in the game that will help you improve your equipment and buy consumable items for battles. Today we will talk about Zeny in-game currency and tell you how to farm it.

How to Farm Zeny in Ragnarok Labyrinth

Zeny is the main currency in the game, as you can’t earn ONBUFF unless you upgrade your equipment. You can use Zeny to buy new equipment, and consumables and even use it while crafting.

We think it’s not worth talking about how important it is to have a large stock of this in-game currency, so here is a list of tips to help you farm Zeny faster:

  • You don’t have to do anything to fight, as the game has auto-battle. You need to send your character into battle and don’t stop him from killing monsters on his own. You can do it in the evening, put the phone on charge, and by morning you will have a decent amount of Zeny.
  • Choose monster maps that match your level and equipment.
  • Hire minions before auto-farming. On some maps, monsters appear all the time, and along with minions, your character will accumulate much more Zeny at the same time.
  • Collect currency from the Zeny Tree, because the higher your level, the more you can earn.
  • Sometimes you can get Zeny in the store in the Nyangvine section.

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In addition to the tips we described above, you should also equip your character with one or more of the following items to get more Zeny:

  • Golden Horn Headband
  • Zeny Knife
  • Marin Card
  • Sprint Ring
  • Ettlang Keepsake
  • Airship Cloak
  • SprintMail
  • Rapid Potion
  • Bag of Gold Coins
  • Bubble Gum
  • Berserk Potion

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How to Farm Zeny in Ragnarok Labyrinth


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