There are many different resources in Raid: Shadow Legends and Silver is one of the basic currencies. It is only an in-game resource and you can’t buy it with real money. This is a very important resource and you will need it for different things, like upgrading artifacts, unequipping items from your champions, fusing champions, etc. So, you will need a lot of this currency and we are going to help you. This guide will tell you about the most effective ways to farm Silver in Raid: Shadow Legends.

Best Ways to Farm Silver in Raid Shadow Legends

Silver in Raid: Shadow Legends is not a rare thing. You will get this currency for most of the activities and game modes you will play. However, the amount of Silver you will need for different upgrades is very huge. It is a common situation when you run out of it. So, even though you obtain Silver everywhere, finding out the most effective ways to farm appears to be important.

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The first way to farm Silver in Raid: Shadow Legends lies in Brutal Campaign Stage 12-3. You just need to replay it as much as you can and sell all the artifacts you will find. In case of the Stage 12-3, it is going to be shields that provide you with a decent amount of Silver when sold. You need to choose the Brutal difficulty mode to make farming more effective. Even though the Nightmare mode gives you more Silver for completing a stage, it takes a twice bigger amount of energy. So, the Brutal difficulty is more effective.

The second effective way to farm Silver is Spider’s Den Dungeon. It serves as the main source of high-level trinkets for your champions and these provide you with a decent amount of Silver when sold. This way starts to be effective from Stage 13 from which you start to obtain 6-Star trinkets.

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