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Raid Shadow Legends Gear Guide

Raid Shadow Legends Gear Guide

Despite being a gacha role-playing game, Raid Shadow Legends comes with some deep mechanics that would not look amiss in a big PC or console role-playing game. Among these mechanics are those that power the gear system: while it is somewhat straightforward, there some things that one should keep in mind to unleash the equipment’s full potential.

In this guide, we will take a look at how the Raid Shadow Legends gear system works and how you can use it best to dominate in the game.


All champions in Raid Shadow Legends scale off specific stats. This means that some equipment pieces are better for a specific champion rather than others. For example, Athel’s skills all scale with the Attack stat, so you should equip the champion with gear that does improve this stat. Some champions are more versatile than others, as they scale off multiple stats and so can be used with a variety of gear and in a variety of situations.

To check which stats you Champion scales off to, you need to check each available skill. Please note that we do know precisely the scaling rations for the game, so you should experiment around to see which setup works best for your Champions.

Main Stats and Substats

Every piece of gear in Raid Shadow Legends comes with a main stat value, substats and set bonuses that become active once a champion equips all of the items in the set.

The main stat of each weapon determines how much the corresponding stat of your champion will improve. Weapon, helmets, and shields all come with a flat main stat increase, while gloves, chest piece, and boots can also come with percentage increases, which is increase stats way more than flat main stats do, so prioritize this type of equipment.

Substats are additional stats bonuses that increase in efficacy depending on the items’ quality. Substats include improvements like improved accuracy, critical damage, critical rate, and so on. Upgrading the item also increases the efficacy of the substats by quite a lot until level 8. As upgrading items beyond this level is not all that worth it, due to how easy it is to fail the upgrading process, we suggest you stick to a maximum of level 8 for all gear unless you have a particularly useful item that you need to upgrade past this level, no matter what.

Set Bonuses

Set bonuses, by themselves, may not amount to much, but matching them to your Champion’s main stat can make a huge difference. As a general rule, the 4 set bonuses are not all that worth it, as they usually don’t impact your stats in a significant way, so prioritize set bonuses that scale with your Champion’s main stat and require fewer gear pieces to activate: they will be more useful in the long run.

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Raid Shadow Legends Gear Guide


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