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How to Farm Resources in LifeAfter: Night Falls

How to Farm Resources in LifeAfter: Night Falls

LifeAfter is a post-apocalyptic open-world survival game. Collecting resources in this destroyed world is an extremely important part of survival. For example, wood and stones are needed to craft various items, and food ingredients are needed for cooking. Next, we will briefly show you how to collect resources.

How to Gather Resources in LifeAfter

Besides the camp where you can store your resources, you can also take helicopters to other areas to gather resources. The map will be unlocked as missions and talent levels grow, and you can move to other areas to collect resources.

First, click on the minimap in the upper right corner and then select the icon of the resource you want to collect. The corresponding resource will appear nearby on the minimap. The next step is collecting.

Cranberries, hemp, and other resources can be harvested if you get closer.

Equip yourself with an ax, get closer to the tree, and aim at it by pressing the attack button when a white border appears.

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You can approach rocks in the same way as you approach trees. And just aim to get these rocks.

Gathering, running and other activities consume stamina, so manage your stamina carefully when gathering resources such as wood and stones. If you run out of stamina, your resource collection efficiency can drop dramatically.

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How to Farm Resources in LifeAfter: Night Falls


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