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How to Farm Fist of Darkness in Blox Fruits

How to Farm Fist of Darkness in Blox Fruits
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Blox Fruits is a Roblox game that takes inspiration from one of the most popular shounen animes involving pirates and power-giving fruits. The game has many items aside from Fruits, and some of them are powerful and allow players to do certain things. One of these is called the Fist of Darkness.

Players can acquire the Fist of Darkness from random Chests. Gathering a lot will take forever, however, as a Fist spawns only once every four hours in random Chests—and while the first spawn is 100% guaranteed, succeeding chests might not spawn one at all. So, how do we go about harvesting loads of it?

How to get Fist of Darkness fast in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits
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The best way to farm Fists of Darkness is by defeating Sea Beasts, a mini-boss that spawns during certain Sea Events, while fighting the Tide Keeper, and during advanced item raids. While the Sea Beast can also be summoned at will using the Summon Sea Beast item, players must keep in mind that summoned Sea Beasts do not drop anything when they are slain.

Not all Sea Beasts drop Fists of Darkness, however. While you can spawn Sea Beasts more frequently in the Third sea, only those that spawn in the Second sea drop the Fist. What’s more, the object has a dismal 1-2% drop rate.

How to get Fists of Darkness from Sea Beasts

In order to farm the Fist of Darkness more effectively, you need to do the following:

  • First, go to the Second sea because that’s where the Sea Beasts you want will spawn.
  • Second, try going further away from nearby islands, and stay in the boat driver’s seat while in the Second sea most, if not all, of the time.

A Sea Beast will occasionally spawn in the area, more frequently if you do the aforementioned instructions. Slay the Sea Beast and get the Fist of Darkness if it is dropped. Repeat the procedure until you get some.

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Sometimes, more than one Sea Beast will appear in the Second sea. If the spawns are accompanied by heavy rain, that is called Rumbling Waters—a Sea Event where it will be incredibly difficult to defeat the Sea Beasts. Do not attempt to engage them if you are alone.

If more than one Sea Beast spawns but there’s no rain, that’s not a Rumbling. You can take the Sea Beasts on with relative ease compared to when taking on them while it’s raining.

Some things to remember about Sea Beasts:

  • Sea Beasts spawn as a matter of RNG. There’s no way to get them to spawn at will unless you summon them.
  • The health of each Sea Beast depends on whoever spawned them or triggered the Rumbling. The higher the player’s level, the stronger the Sea Beast will appear.
  • Sea Beasts are basically invulnerable to M1 attacks. They can only be damaged using special moves, except single-target moves like Nightmare Leech, and Shadow’s C Move.

What is the Fist of Darkness in Blox Fruits?

Blox Fruits
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The Fist of Darkness is an object that has several uses. Players can only have one of these at a time, and what’s more, these will be lost once the player dies as there’s no way to save this in a backpack.

The Fist of Darkness is used for the following:

  • To obtain the Slayer Skin, which is a reskin of the original Dark Blade.
  • To spawn the Darkbeard Raid Boss at the Dark Arena.
  • For a chance to obtain a Core Brain from Order, by inserting it into the middle of the Laboratory at Hot and Cold.

Let us know down in the comments below if there’s anything else you’d like to learn about Blox Fruits!

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How to Farm Fist of Darkness in Blox Fruits


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