MIR4 It is a cross-platform MMORPG for mobile and PC, so you can farm both at home and on the road. And there are many things to farm in MIR4, like Equipment, Outfits, Gears, and Magic stones, which will be described in this guide. We’ll tell you how to find and farm Epic Magic Stones.

How to Farm Epic Magic Stone

In the game, there are 7 types of magic stones to choose from that come in uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary forms. Each magic stone gives a guaranteed buff based upon its color as well as additional random buffs depending on its rarity. For example, an uncommon stone will give a 2nd random buff while an epic stone will give you more of its primary stat and 3 random buffs making it much stronger by comparison.

Blue Stones drop from mobs quite rarely, however, if a special mob appears, then the chance of a Rare Stone falling out increases. We offer the following method of farming the necessary stones.

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Find a place where you can kill the largest number of mobs from which Stones fall, no matter what color, and where there will not be many people, so that you get all the loot, for example, Magic Stone Chamber3.

When you have enough common stones, you can combine them and get a Rare Stone, or even better. You can combine stones in the crafting menu on the Magic stones tab (second from the end). You need to combine 4 or more stones to get a better stone. Combining uncommon stones, you will have a 10% chance to upgrade it to rare which will take about 31 stones on average. This is the fastest way to farm gems and you will definitely get them.

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