How to Farm Catfruit in Battle Cats


Upgrading your cats is a necessary process while you are playing the game. And here is a catfruit, one of the best resources in a game. It is used to transform some cat types into their true form. However, you can earn them only if you complete the 3rd chapter of Empire of Cats.

Fruits and seeds drop randomly when you update your cat and play the game. And there are 9 types of fruit and seeds: Green, Purple, Red, Blue, Yellow, Epic, Aku, Elder, and Gold. All of them have unique characteristics. Of course, you have to earn them differently.

How to Earn Catfruit in Battle Cats

Unfortunately, the game provides an energy system. Therefore, you will have daily limits to playing the game. This is the limited resources amount that you can farm and it affect your progress. And there is one simple rule, the harder the level you complete, the higher the chance of getting catfruits, that’s all. So, the best way to earn fruits is just to play the game as much as possible and spend your resources rationally. 

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How to Spend Catfruit in Battle Cats

After you get the resource, you can find it in Cat Fruit Storage. In this storage, you have the ability to exchange your seeds for the fruits. Then, you can sell your fruits for an EXP (when you are doing it, there is a possibility to get epic catfruit). The amount of EXP you get depends on the rarity of the fruit, the range of possible experience is from 50000 to 1000000, for the simplest and the rarest ones.

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How to Farm Catfruit in Battle Cats


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