How to Expand Your Inventory Slots in MIR4

How to Expand Your Inventory Slots in MIR4

MIR4 has a huge variety of items, gear, and equipment. Perhaps you, like many players, are faced with the problem of a shortage of space in your inventory. This guide will show you how to solve this problem in a very simple way.

How to Get More Inventory Space in MIR4

Let’s start with a little advice, at the initial stages of the game, many people miss this point. You can go to Bicheon Castle and among the list of all NPC traders, there is also a message about your personal Warehouse. There you can store Items that you temporarily do not need, or any items you want to store.

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And now let’s talk about the expansion of the inventory slots. First, you need to collect 1,200,000 Copper to increase your inventory by 100 slots. This can be done in the store, in the Consumable section. Select the Common Product tab and scroll down to the bottom to find two 50-slots Bag Expansion Tickets. One of them costs only 200,000 Copper. But the ticket of the second level is already five times more expensive – 1,000,000 Copper.

After purchasing your ticket, you need to open your inventory in the Sundry tab. There you will find the Bag Expansion Ticket, which is Epic. And you can use it. Each ticket can only be purchased and activated once. Although the description of the item says that the maximum capacity of the Bag is 999 slots, at the moment, the increase is only available up to 250 slots.

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How to Expand Your Inventory Slots in MIR4


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