How to Evolve Pentagram in Vampire Survivors


Evolving your weapons is a massive aspect of Vampire Survivors. Simply being able to consistently make your weapons stronger is necessary if you want to win many of the game’s runs. And there are weapons in Vampire Survivors that just aren’t worth using without first evolving them.

The Pentagram is an uncommon weapon in Vampire Survivors that you can use to clear the screen with a high chance of destroying items. The Pentagram can be evolved in Vampire Survivors and in this article we’ll be guiding you on how to evolve the Pentagram in Vampire Survivors.

How to Evolve Pentagram in Vampire Survivors


Players can evolve the Pentagram into the Gorgeous Moon by acquiring the Crown utility item. By levelling the weapon up to level 8 and grabbing a chest, players will most likely evolve their weapon in no time. The Gorgeous Moon can destroy all on-screen enemies, does not destroy items and gives players bonus experience. For players that wish to use the Pentagram at the game’s early stages, it can be a very strong weapon.

Like may of the game’s weapons, the Gorgeous Moon is powerful choice. It pulses and destroys the monsters nearest to you and goes on to destroy every other monster on the screen. Additionally, it’ll drop various coloured gems (blue crystals) than standard XP, but they’re worth the same as normal. Then it’ll deliver all XP to you like the Blue Orbs you find on stages.

The Gorgeous Moon is a great build option for players that are struggling to get characters all the way to level 100, since it’s the requirement for certain upgrades, rushing Gorgeous Moon can work.

Players ought to note that since the Pentagram is a rough weapon to work with, so it can kill mini-bosses and destroy chests which in turn lowers the amount of XP you get and can be frustrating to rely on. We recommend you try to get a few weapons and perhaps an evolved weapon before obtaining the Pentagram.

In general, it’s a fine weapon, it’ll be loved by many players due to its great XP runs but it does a poor job when it comes to DPS, considering its extensive cooldown. If you can find a way to get high cooldown reduction from the likes of Christine or Empty Tomes, it’ll be a much more powerful weapon.

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How to Evolve Pentagram in Vampire Survivors


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