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How to Evolve Cards in Clash Royale

How to Evolve Cards in Clash Royale
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Card evolution is one of the most significant and game-changing features introduced in the history of Clash Royale. Added with the June 2023 update, card evolution completely shifted the game’s meta, due to the overwhelming strength of evolved cards. Whether you’re a returning player or you’re new to the game, though, the concept of evolutions might seem confusing. In this guide, we delve deep into this feature and help you understand how to evolve cards in Clash Royale.

Clash Royale card evolution guide

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To evolve a card in Clash Royale, you must first unlock the card evolution feature for that specific card. This can be achieved by collecting six evolution shards. Once the feature is unlocked, place the card into the evolution slot (the first slot in the deck) and enter the arena. Play the card once or twice to trigger its evolution. Upon reaching the required number of cycles, the card’s icon transforms, indicating that it has evolved.

However, there’s more to card evolutions than just this. Keep reading to learn about evolution shards, available evolutions, and more.

What is card evolution in Clash Royale?

Card Evolution is a power-up mechanism available for select cards in Clash Royale, introduced to enhance cards with low usage rates. Initially, players had access to only four card evolutions, but as time has passed, Supercell has added more new evolutions. Currently, the following cards can be evolved:

  • Barbarians
  • Skeletons
  • Firecracker
  • Royal Giant
  • Mortar
  • Knight

In Clash Royale, players can evolve cards during battles after a certain number of times the card has been played. Some cards require two or more cycles, while others need only one. Once a card is ready for evolution, its icon will change, and you will manage to deploy the evolved card at the same elixir cost.

Card evolution slot in Clash Royale

To unlock and utilize card evolutions, you must first reach King Level 7. This unlocks your first evolution slot. As of now, Clash Royale features only one evolution slot, which means you can incorporate only one card evolution per deck, but developers have expressed interest in adding more slots in the future. If you wish to use different card evolutions, you need to employ different decks.

How to obtain evolution shards in Clash Royale

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Unlocking a card evolution requires collecting six evolution shards of the same type. Clash Royale also offers wild evolution shards that can be converted into any evolution shard of your choice. Evolution shards can be obtained in Clash Royale from the following sources:

  • Challenge events
  • The Shop (check out offers)
  • Pass Royale
  • Season Shop
  • Level-up chests after King Level 50

For wild evolution shards, you can acquire them from the regular Shop or the Season Shop in Clash Royale. Be cautious when using wild evolution shards, as they cannot be retrieved once converted into a regular shard.

Now, let’s explore each card evolution and their abilities in Clash Royale:


Barbarians require one cycle to unlock their evolution. Evolved Barbarians gain strength and speed when they become angry. Every time they take damage, they become stronger and faster.


Skeletons need two cycles to unlock their evolution. Evolved Skeletons multiply themselves upon striking an enemy. Supercell nerfed the Skeletons’ evolution—previously capable of multiplying up to eight, now limited to six.


Firecracker requires two cycles to unlock its evolution. Evolved Firecrackers gain area-of-effect (AOE) and explosive power in their shots. For those seeking an AOE card, consider incorporating Evolved Firecracker into your deck.

Royal Giant

Similar to Barbarians, the Royal Giant needs just one cycle to unlock evolution. Evolved Royal Giant can push back enemies using recoil damage from its cannon. Its attacks also have a small AOE to handle grouped enemies.


Mortar’s evolution can be unlocked with two cycles. Evolved Mortar provides an unexpected element by launching a goblin at enemies along with its projectile.


Knight gains tremendous HP and DPS boosts after evolving. Unlocking Knight’s evolution requires two cycles. Evolved Knight also has a shield, granting 80% damage reduction.

This wraps up our guide to card evolution in Clash Royale. While you are here, check out our other helpful Clash Royale guides.

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How to Evolve Cards in Clash Royale