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How to Evolve Skeletons in Clash Royale – Best Deck

Clash Royale’s June 2023 update introduced a new game-changing feature called Evolution. In this update, players can unlock evolutions for certain cards to get improved stats, new animations, and powerful abilities. At the moment, Supercell has released evolutions for four cards only: Barbarian, Skeletons, Firecracker, and Royal Giant. In this guide, we will be focusing on evolved skeletons and tell you how to evolve skeletons in Clash Royale.

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Clash Royale Skeleton Evolution Guide

Clash Royale’s evolved cards are more or less similar to Clash of Clans’ super troops. Like them, evolved cards are an improved variant of the same old cards. Right now, skeleton has the most powerful and broken evolution in Clash Royale. Here’s how you can evolve skeletons in Clash Royale.

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To unlock evolution for skeletons, you will need to collect Evolution shards. There are six different ways to get Evo shards in Clash Royale:

  • Pass Royale
  • Season Shop
  • Challenges
  • The Shop
  • Level-up Chests after King Level 50 (every second Level-up chest)

To unlock evolution for a card, you’ll need six Evo shards in total. It’s important to note that all six shards must be of the same type. If you don’t have enough of a specific Evo shard, you have the option to acquire Wild shards from The Shop or the Season Shop. These Wild shards can be used as substitutes.

Click on the skeleton card to add Evo shards and evolve it. Once evolved, place your new skeleton to the first slot, which is now also called, the evolution slot. That’s it! Now, you have evolved skeletons in your deck.

How to Play Evolved Skeletons

Once you’ve used regular skeletons three times, the evolved version of skeletons becomes available for you to play. These evolved skeletons consist of a group of four skeletons, and when they attack a target, an additional skeleton is summoned. This process continues, creating new skeletons until there are a total of six.

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Evolved skeletons are really good at both defending and attacking. The fact that their numbers keep growing makes them excellent for stopping tanky opponents and can even overpower enemy towers if not dealt with. Considering they only require one elixir to deploy, evolved skeletons are extremely powerful in Clash Royale. Here’s an awesome deck that utilizes evolved skeletons:

  • Evolved Skeleton
  • Ice Spirit
  • Goblin Barrel
  • Mighty Miner
  • Inferno Tower
  • Princess
  • The Log
  • Lightning

To make the most of evolved skeletons in Clash Royale, it’s important to use a strategic approach when cycling regular skeletons. By carefully timing and deploying your skeletons, you can ensure that the evolved skeletons are ready to make a strong push towards the enemy towers. Although evolved skeletons were nerfed after their initial release, they remain quite powerful in the game.

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How to Evolve Skeletons in Clash Royale – Best Deck