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How to Level Up King Tower Fast in Clash Royale | Tips & Guide

How to Level Up King Tower Fast in Clash Royale | Tips & Guide
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Wondering what the fastest way to level up the King Tower in Clash Royale is? The King Tower is the most important building in Clash Royale, and if it is destroyed, it results in an instant win.

Because of this, players need to prioritize upgrading their King Tower as quickly as possible for a better chance at surviving. Upgrading the King Tower will increase its health points and attack power. Each level-up significantly increases the health of the King Tower, especially at higher levels. In addition, upgrading the King Tower unlocks new arenas, cards, and other features. Here are some of the best ways to level up the King Tower in Clash Royale.

Fast Ways to Level Up the King Tower in Clash Royale

To level up your King Tower, you will have to increase your King Level in Clash Royale. As of right now, the maximum level for the King Tower is 14, which is unlocked after reaching level 42. Here is a list of the King Level required for every King Tower upgrade:

  • Level 2 for King Tower 2
  • Level 3 for King Tower 3
  • Level 5 for King Tower 4
  • Level 7 for King Tower 5
  • Level 10 for King Tower 6
  • Level 14 for King Tower 7
  • Level 18 for King Tower 8
  • Level 22 for King Tower 9
  • Level 26 for King Tower 10
  • Level 30 for King Tower 11
  • Level 34 for King Tower 12
  • Level 38 for King Tower 13
  • Level 42 for King Tower 14

To increase the King Level, players will need to gather experience points. Fortunately, Clash Royale offers numerous sources for gathering XP points. Let’s look at the most efficient ways to gain XP for leveling up the King Tower in Clash Royale:

#1. Card Donation

Clash Royale donating cards
Image by TouchTapPlay

Card donation is one of the easiest ways to gain XP in Clash Royale. With the plethora of cards available in the game, most players won’t use all of them. After joining a clan in Clash Royale, layers have the option to donate their unwanted cards to their clanmates who need them and gain XP and Gold coins. You will gain the following amount of XP and Gold from donating cards:

  • 1 common card: 1 Exp, 5 Gold
  • 1 rare card: 10 Exp, 50 Gold
  • 1 epic card: 10 Exp, 500 Gold

#2. Level Up Cards

Clash Royale Upgrading cards
Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Leveling up cards is another good way to increase King Levels in Clash Royale. Chances are most players have some un-upgraded cards gathering dust at the bottom. Players can choose to upgrade these cards to gain a few experience points. Upgrading cards can provide lots of experience points, especially if the card has a higher rarity (such as legendary cards) or you are upgrading to a higher level.

These are the two best ways to get experience points for increasing King Levels and upgrading King Tower in Clash Royale.

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How to Level Up King Tower Fast in Clash Royale | Tips & Guide