How to Enlist in Army in BitLife

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BitLife is one of the best life-simulator games for mobile devices. There are lots of opportunities for your character, and you are able to complete different challenges. Some of these will require you to join military forces. There are two ways you can join the army. The first one is to enlist as an army enlistee. The second one is to join as an officer. This guide will tell you how to enlist in the army in BitLife in both of these ways.

How to Become Army Enlistee in BitLife

The easiest way to join military forces in BitLife is to become an army enlistee. It requires you to have good Happiness and Health stats that you will need to keep up during your service. Your character’s Look doesn’t matter. Just ensure that you are healthy enough to survive all the military training and missions, and you have enough happiness to be able to surpass depression and other diseases. You will also need to graduate from High School. When your character is ready, just choose this job on the job list.

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How to Become Army Officer in BitLife

The army officer in BitLife is a harder way to join military forces in comparison with army enlistees. The requirements are mostly the same as with the previous job, but you will need to graduate from any university. It means that your character will need to have the Smart stat at a high level to be able to complete this task. You will need to choose army officer as your career in the job list.

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How to Enlist in Army in BitLife


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