Home Game Guides How to Easily Beat Crazed Cat Stage in Battle Cats – Guide

How to Easily Beat Crazed Cat Stage in Battle Cats – Guide

How to Easily Beat Crazed Cat Stage in Battle Cats – Guide
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Battle Cats is a tower defense mobile game filled with hilarious and deranged-looking cats. Players get to command an army of fighter cats and take over the world by defeating other weird creatures. In Battle Cats, players can unlock powerful cats called crazed cats by clearing Crazed Cat stages. This guide will help you beat the Crazed Cat stage in Battle Cats.

Battle Cats: Crazed Cat Stage Guide

On the 3rd of every month, players can participate in the first Crazed Cat stage called Dark Souls (Insane). Clearing this stage for the first time rewards you with Crazed Cat, a super-rare meatshield cat.

Before attacking the Crazed Cat stage, players should know the enemy lineup of this stage. Right from the start, the enemy tower starts doges and snaches. Clearing these enemies is pretty straightforward, but the real wave starts after the enemy’s base HP drops to 99%:

  • 1 Crazed Cat, the boss enemy of the Crazed Cat stage
  • 1 Le’boin every 40 seconds
  • 1 Teacher Bear every 46.67 seconds
  • Infinite crocos

Now that you’re aware of the enemies in the Crazed Cat stage, let’s talk about the strategy to beat them.

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Crazed Cat Lineup
Crazed Cat Lineup (Image via YouTube/Boogle)

The recommended lineup for Crazed Cat Stage:

  • Any 3 cheap meatshield cats for spamming
  • Wall Cat for stalling
  • Bahamut Cat
  • Paris Cat
  • Dragon Cat

To clear this stage, we recommend having your battle cats around levels 20-25. The key to defeating the Crazed Cat stage is Bahamut Cat. This free single-target DPS unit is perfect for taking out Crazed Cat Boss.

However, Bahamut Cat alone is not enough to clear the stage. At the start, use wall cats to stall and collect money until you have enough to spawn a Bahamut cat. After that, keep spawning wall cats and help Bahamut cats push toward the enemy base. Have another Bahamut cat ready to deploy, but ensure that the two do not attack at the same time so that they can target separate enemies.

After the enemy base’s HP drops to 99%, powerful enemies will start spawning. Once you are close to the enemy’s base, start spamming meatshields, wall cats, and other cats you have except Bahamut. You only need 2-3 bahamut cats to clear this stage. Continue spamming your meatshield and stallers, and you can clear the Crazed Cat stage easily.

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How to Easily Beat Crazed Cat Stage in Battle Cats – Guide


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