The Best Uber Cats in Battle Cats


There are many interesting strategies for mobile devices, but have you ever fought with different Cats? Battle Cats is a game where you can summon various warrior Cats, Cat gods, and so on for battle. At each level, players must fight off waves of enemies and destroy the enemy base by summoning various Cats. And in this guide, we want to tell you about the best uber cats.

The Best Uber Cats

Players will be able to get more than 1000 different units with different abilities in Battle Cats. For the battle, you can use a certain set of units, so you need to choose the strongest. And since each Cat needs to be upgraded, it is much more efficient to spend resources on certain units than to upgrade all evenly. Here is a list of all the best Uber Cats in our opinion.

S Tier:

  • Almighty Ganesha
  • Almighty Amaterasu
  • Almighty Aphrodite
  • Jizo’s Mega-Castle
  • Balrog cat
  • Saber Alter CC
  • Shishilan Pasalan
  • Almighty Chronos
  • Divine Kalisa
  • Orbital Annihilator Ragnarok
  • Immortal Keiji
  • Immortal Yukimura
  • Super D-Devil
  • Lufalan Pasalan

A Tier:

  • Divine Wendy
  • Ganglion the Unleashed
  • Immortal Shingen
  • Cats in the Cradle
  • Subterra Sentinels
  • Divine Kai
  • The One-Hit Wonders
  • Divine Thundia
  • Eternal Reika
  • Baseball Mask
  • Super S Zeus
  • Dark Subaru CC
  • The Peach Devils
  • Holiday Juvens CC
  • Almighty Poseidon
  • B.C.S. tiger claw
  • Pai Pai DX
  • Immortal Yoshimoto
  • Joyful Nurse Cat
  • Ice Crystal Cat
  • King Gamereon

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  • God Emperor Raiden
  • God Emperor Kamukura
  • God Emperor Vars
  • God Emperor Megidora
  • Immortal Masamune
  • Almighty Zeus
  • Mystery Catgirl Yuki
  • Fox Queen Himeyuri
  • Crazed Catgirl Yuki
  • Akuma Hayabusa
  • Divine Twinstars
  • Ultima Galaxy Cosmo
  • The Chaos Moon
  • Jester Queen Deale
  • Lost World Catgirl Yuki

The rest of the units are not bad, but their strength does not stand out. If you want to progress in the game quickly, you should use the Cats described above. We hope this guide was helpful to you.

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The Best Uber Cats in Battle Cats


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