How to Earn Money in Splinterlands – Guide and Tips

How to Rank up Fast in Splinterlands

Splinterland is a unique game. It is the first trading-card crypto game. So, you can earn real money just by trading cards. However, to get real money, you need to be a millionaire in Splinterlands. How to do it? Read the guide, and you will understand.

Earning Money in Splinterlands Guide

The main rule is just to play more. Simply by playing battles, you will get more and more resources every day. Also, by playing the battles, you earn Dark Energy crystals, which is an additional benefit. But the best is to claim rewards at the end of the season. For example, by reaching the Bronze 2, you will be given 7 reward chests. However, let’s start with concrete ways.

Complete Quests for Rewards

When you complete quests you get a reward: a chest or several. It depends on what you have done. Also, if you complete the Sneak Questline, you earn an additional free chest.

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Claim Free Airdrops

By playing the game, you get airdrop points. These points can simply turn into SPS, which is equal to real money. What is good is that you can get your SPS points immediately whenever you want.

Participate in Events 

Participating in events is the best way to make money in the Splinterlands. For example, in the game was a chaos legion event. Simply by stacking your SPS on your balance you could get vouchers. And these vouchers are now really worth the money.

Get Limited Cards

In the game, there is a Pre-Sale system. It enables you to buy the special cards for the lowest price and then sell these cards more expensively. The amount of money you will get depends on the effectiveness of the character you bought. 

So, that is all with earning money in Splinterlands. Hope you consider this guide helpful!

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How to Earn Money in Splinterlands – Guide and Tips


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