After talking about some general Pokemon TCG Online tips and cheats, it’s time to get a bit more advanced and specific, and for this article we have prepared a guide for you on how to earn more tokens easily in Pokemon TCG Online. Unfortunately there are no cheats for this, but knowing all the methods and how to use the tokens will certainly simplify the process and maximize the rate at which you stack up on these valuable items.

The Pokemon TCG Online tokens are extremely valuable as they can be spent for some great cards in the game. You can but extremely useful mini booster packs for 95 tokens each or you can wait a little bit and raise 500 Tokens in Pokemon TCG Online to purchase an entire theme deck (which I personally recommend early on).

And now that we know exactly what to do with them, let’s see how to earn tokens in the game easily:

1. Log in to the game daily. This simple method of being active guarantees you some free packs of tokens (not to mention that every few days you also receive even more valuable things, like card packs).

2. Play the game. There are various Token rewards for completing games and challenges and PvP matches and you will automatically unlock them by simply playing the game. For example, you get some Tokens when you complete a PvP game that lasts more than 5 minutes, but also when you play against expert players and so on. The rewards are not huge in this case, but you’re not in a hurry and little by little you will amass a nice sum of tokens.

For the iOS version of Pokemon TCG Online, these are the current methods that we have found to reward you with some extra tokens. The good thing is that these are all easy methods and if you are active and play regularly (or at least log in daily), you should have no trouble collecting a ton of tokens and spend them on really useful cards.

Have you managed to find other ways to earn free tokens in the game? Let us know by commenting below!


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