A super release took us by surprise this week with the launch of Pokemon TCG Online (aka Pokemon Trading Card Game Online) on the App Store. This is an extremely complex game set in the Pokemon universe and I am here to help you get started and winning your duels against the other Pokemon masters. In other words, I am here to share with you a complete set of Pokemon TCG Online cheats, tips and ultimately a strategy guide that will keep you playing and winning until you can win no more.

As I said, this is an incredibly complex game with a top of options and we might not touch them all in this article, but we’re trying to give you the best Pokemon Trading Card Game Online tips and cheats, so hopefully you’ll put them to good use. Let’s get this started!


1. Play with standard decks first
If you’re just starting to play the game, it will be really difficult to be able to create a strong deck. Use the standard deck that you are rewarded and play at least a few games with it before you even try building your own. Learn the basics, see how things work, see what types of cards are best to have in your deck and only after you know the basics (at least) you can try to create your own deck.

2. How to create a perfect deck in Pokemon TCG Online
You start with a nice set of cards, but you can earn even more as you play. However, you have infinite options of deck creating and it’s up for your play style to create the perfect one. But some general tips should be considered when building up your first deck, and these would be:

– Have a balance of quick attack cards (that only require one energy) and big damage cards (that need you to build up 3 energy, for example, before they can attack)
– Choose your cards wisely, so that you can evolve them in battle. Don’t get an evolution card if you don’t have the basic Pokemon!
– Choose a variety of cards of different elements to be able to counterattack the elements of your opponents

3. Know the card info on your cards
This was initially at #2, but I believe it requires a dedicated topic. Each card (or most cards) has different attacks and strengths based on attacks. For example, my Emboar has a the Firebreathing basic attack that allows me to flip a coin and do 30 more damage if it’s heads. The next attack is extremely powerful, but has me discard one Energy attached to the Pokemon. Know all the info and make sure that you only bring in your deck the Pokemons that seem to have the best attacks and powers.

4. Pokemon TCG Online Battle Tips & Tricks
– play all possible cards before attacking, which automatically ends your turn
– use a quick attacking Pokemon as your starting one. You need to be able to cause damage early on
– retreat only if it makes sense. You don’t want your opponent to draw cards from removing your Pokemons, but if you have a high damage one active and it makes more sense to use it, do so!
– manage your energy cards wisely. Don’t use them all on the same Pokemon and risk having no energy left when it is killed or has to retreat
– use boosters wisely and make sure you retreat and change active Pokemons if the opponent has a card that does you more damage based on element power.

5. Learn to trade properly
You can get a bunch of nice cards simply by trading in the game. Use the menu for that and create lists of cards you are interested in to make sure that you get them when available on the market.

These are, for now, our Pokemon TCG Online tips and tricks for you. We’ll make sure to update the article with more advanced tactics and tips soon. In the meantime, if you have any of your own, share them with us in the comment section below.



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