How to Dye Concrete in Minecraft

How to Dye Concrete in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the greatest sandbox adventure games where you can build yourself a house you like. There are many materials you can use for it and today we are going to talk about concrete. This material is hard enough and can be created in different colors. This guide will explain to you how to create and die your Concrete blocks in the color you like.

How to Create a Concrete Block in Minecraft

To create a Concrete Block in Minecraft, you need to get 4 blocks of Sand and 4 blocks of Gravel. Also, you have to find any type of Dye. When you have all the needed items, combine them in the crafting menu in any order you like and you will get 8 blocks of Concrete Powder. When a block of Concrete Powder contacts with water nearby, it turns into a block of Concrete. The last thing you need is to dig it with your pickaxe, as you can’t mine it with Bare Hands. Here is the list of Concrete’s breaking times:

  • Bare Hands – 9s
  • Wooden Pickaxe – 1.35s
  • Stone Pickaxe – 0.7s
  • Iron Pickaxe – 0.45s
  • Diamond Pickaxe – 0.35s
  • Netherite Pickaxe – 0.3s
  • Golden Pickaxe – 0.25s

How to Dye a Concrete Block in Minecraft

As was mentioned above, you need 1 type of Dye to create a Concrete Powder in Minecraft. So, the color of this powder and the Concrete blocks created with it are based on the color of dye you used to craft the powder. It has 16 colors: White, Orange, Magenta, Light Blue, Yellow, Lime, Pink, Gray, Light Gray, Cyan, Purple, Blue, Brown, Green, Red, and Black. You just need to get the Dye of color you want and craft a Concrete Powder with it. Then you will get Concrete blocks dyed in the desired color. Good luck with your adventures.

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How to Dye Concrete in Minecraft


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