How to Download and Use Biological Optimization Mod for Minecraft Bedrock

Biological Optimization mod

It has been over a decade since the release of Minecraft. Many players have gotten tired of the same old vanilla gameplay and have started to use mods for spicing things up. Some mods focus on improving the game’s existing features, like the Biological Optimization mod. This guide will help you download and use Biological Optimization mod for Minecraft Bedrock.

Biological Optimization Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Biological Optimization mod optimizes and improves mob animations. In Minecraft, there are tons of different mobs. Most mobs have dull and simple idle animations. If you are tired of looking at the same mob animations, Biological Optimization is the right mod for you.

How to Download Biological Optimization Mod for Minecraft Bedrock

You can download Biological Optimization mod from MCPEDL. This mod is available at Follow these steps to download Biological Optimization mod:

  1. Click here to go Biological Optimization official page on MCPEDL.
  2. Scroll down to find the download link and click on it.
  3. Download Biological Optimization mod and follow these steps to install it on your device.

How to Download Biological Optimization Mod for Minecraft Bedrock

After installing the Biological Optimization mod, you will either have to create a new world or edit an existing one to use it. In the Edit settings, select Biological Optimization pack to enable the mod.

Here is a list of mobs improved by Biological Optimization Mod:

  1. Zombie
  2. Spider
  3. Cave Spider
  4. Skeleton
  5. Creeper
  6. Evoker
  7. Illager
  8. Pillager
  9. Ravager
  10. Villager
  11. Iron Golem
  12. Wandering Trader
  13. Phantom
  14. Pig
  15. Cow
  16. Chicken
  17. Wolf

These are the only mobs whose animations are improved by this mod. The developer plans to add more mob animations to this mod in the future. Along with unique animations, living creatures also have a blood effect when hurt.

Biological Optimization mod truly brings life to Minecraft mobs. If you have any queries regarding this mod, feel free to ask them in the comments!

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How to Download and Use Biological Optimization Mod for Minecraft Bedrock


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