How to Download and Play Cracker’s Wither Storm Mod for Minecraft


Minecraft is a very popular game with a huge community that consists of different players. The game is known for its mods that can totally change your game experience. It seems that the Cracker’s Wither Storm mod is quite popular nowadays and there are lots of players who would like to play it. So, this guide will tell you how to download and play Cracker’s Wither Strom mod for Minecraft.

How to Download Cracker’s Wither Storm Mod for Minecraft

The Cracker’s Wither Storm is a cool modification for Minecraft. It allows you to encounter and fight with the Wither Storm. So, you may want to download it and defeat this magic creature.

In order to download the Cracker’s Wither Storm mod for Minecraft, you can use this link. It will navigate you to the mod’s page on the CurseForge website. There you can download this mod and find the guide on how to install it for your Minecraft. You just need to drop the mod file into the Mods folder.

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How to Play Cracker’s Wither Strom Mod

The Wither Storm is a giant magic creature from Minecraft: Story Mode. It looks like a big black cloud with lots of heads and tentacles. Also, it causes a storm around it and the creature is the epicenter of this disaster.

In order to fight with the Wither Storm, you will have to go by the coordinates X: 0, Z: 0. There you will find a house with an unfinished Wither Storm Construction. You simply need to put the last Wither Skull to finish it and summon the boss.

The Wither Storm has a few phases and you will have to do your best if you want to defeat this creature. We wish you good luck in this difficult fight!

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How to Download and Play Cracker’s Wither Storm Mod for Minecraft


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