How to Do Raids in Blox Fruits


If you are looking for a game based on a particular franchise, then most likely you will find a Roblox game or even several. A good example is One Piece, which has many different Roblox games. And Blox Fruits is one of them. Players must choose one of the sides at the beginning of the game and then level up and fight other players. And in this guide, we will tell you about Raids.

How to Do Raids

In Blox Fruits, players can use different Fruits. And just like in the anime, these Fruits give players different abilities. And to awaken Fruits, players must go to Raids.

Raid is a small mini-game of 11 different types. In each Raid, players must survive 5 waves of enemies with different difficulty levels. Also, there is a time limit of up to 12.5 minutes. To take part in Raids, players must be at least level 1100. This is more of a recommendation than a rule, as weaker players won’t be able to survive even the first wave. 

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To do Raids, players must have a Chip. To do this you need to get to the Mysterious Scientist. One Chip costs 100.000 Beli. And after the purchase, you will need to wait two hours before you can buy this item again.

Players can also exchange physical fruit for chips. And this method has no cool down. Players must then travel to the Dark Blue Pipe in the Second Sea or the Yellow Platform in the Third Sea. And to start the Raid, you must press the action button with the Chip in your inventory. Also, up to 4 people can take part in the Raid.

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How to Do Raids in Blox Fruits


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