How to Defend City in Evony – Defence Guide

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Defense is the main thing when you are producing your base in Evony. Making a strong defense is a task that’s even more complicated than creating a strong attack power. Therefore, even professional players need some tips for building the defense. So, here they are.

How to Defend City in Evony the Most Effectively

To start, you have to know that there are 2 types of defense in the game: active and passive. However, to build a really powerful defense you have to care about both types. But one moment that might really help you is entering a strong alliance. Mostly, people do not want to attack players from strong clans. Additionally, some clans are united with each other.

  1. Passive defense.

Generally speaking, passive defense is easier to create than active. All you should do is update your walls as much as possible. While you update passive defense, your army will be used as a second front line. 

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  1. Active defense.

While using active defense as a first front line, troops use a lot of resources passively, so you have to update your economical structure as much as possible. So, you will definitely benefit from being in an alliance when you want to provide an active defense. The main rule is to provide your base with all troops’ classes. Otherwise, you will create a useless defense that’s easy to break.

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How to Defend City in Evony – Defence Guide


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