Monster Hunter Rise

Like previous entries in the series, Monster Hunter Rise features a ton of different monsters to defeat, all coming with their own unique special attacks and traits. Learning their attack patterns and their weaknesses is part of the fun, but if you’re finding any of them too difficult to take down, you have indeed come to the right place, as in our guides, you will find all the information you need to take all of the game’s monsters down with ease.

Here’s everything you need to know to take down the Wyvern Barroth.


Coming back from Monster Hunter 3, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate and Monster Hunter World, Barrioth is the same Brute Wyvern we have encountered in the previous games. This monster uses mud to its advantage, and its sheer size makes its charge attack extremely powerful. Before attempting to take down this monster, make sure you are able to deal either Fire or Ice damage and have some Water protection. This monster can also deal Waterblight, so Nulberries are a must.

Where to Find Barroth

Barroth can be found in the Sandy Plains. Usually, the monster starts in Areas 5 and 7, but it moves around a lot so make sure to explore the map fully to spot it.

How to Beat Barroth

Attack Hind Legs and Tail

Barroth, as most of the Wyverns in the game, has very tough skin, so you will have to go for the weak points in order to deal significant damage. For this mud-loving monster, you will have to go for the hind legs and tail. The head, on the other hand, is worthy of attacking only if you’re using a very heavy weapon like the Hammer or the Charge Blade, as attacks with other weapons will often result in no damage dealt.

In case you are having trouble aiming for the weak points while the monster is on the move, you can take a more methodical approach and focus completely on defense until Barroth starts rolling in the mud. When it does, it is completely defenseless for a few seconds, enough to dish out some serious damage.

Avoide the Charge Attack and Mud Piles

Barroth has a few powerful attacks at its disposal, but the most annoying attacks are the Charge Attack and the mud attacks that leave mud piles around. The Charge Attack, thankfully, it’s very easy to avoid, as Barroth will hiss while charging, allowing you to use Wirebugs to move out of the way. Mud piles, on the other hand, completely hinder your movement, so make sure to always take note of where they are and get as far as you can as possible, as you do not want to roll into them during the fight.

Use Mudbeetles

Interestingly enough, there is one Endemic Life creature that can make this fight much easier. The Mudbeetles completely negate Barroth’s mud armor, allowing you to dish some serious damage at all times. Make sure to use them as soon as you can to make the fight shorter and ultimately much easier.

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