Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise features a big monster lineup filled with dangerous creatures, but very few of them can compare to the Apex Monsters, more powerful variants of iconic monsters that will put your hunting skills to the test.

Here’s everything you need to know to take down Apex Diablos, one of the most powerful monsters in the game.


Apex Diablos is a Diablos so strong and resilient that it has survived countless dangers, thus receiving the Apex title. This powerful monster is weak to Ice, Dragon, and Water, so make sure to bring a weapon that can deal these types of damage to make the fight a little shorter. You will need it, as Apex Diablos is among the most powerful monsters in Monster Hunter Rise.

Where to Find Apex Diablos

Apex Diablos appears in the Sandy Plains in Areas 9, 10 and 11. The monster also appears during Rampage Quests as a Major Threat.

How to Defeat Apex Diablos

The Right Tools for the Job

Apex Diablos is among the most powerful Apex monsters in Monster Hunter Rise, so you will need to gear yourself up to have a fighting chance. The monster can deal a ridiculous amount of damage in a single attack, so you must bring the best armor you have to protect yourself, and even eat Dangos with the Defender (Hi) effect to further increase your Defense.

To make the fight shorter, and thus decrease the chances of Apex Diablos one-shotting you, you should bring weapons that can deal Ice damage, as the monster is very weak against this element.

You’re Wide Open

Apex Diablos’ main weak point is its head. As you want to make the fight as short as possible, you have to focus on the head to dish out the highest damage possible. By attacking the head, you will also be able to break the monster’s horn, which may result in you obtaining the Apex Curlhorns item.

Love for the Underground

Apex Diablos likes to burrow underground to unleash some of its attacks, but this maneuver can be used to your advantage with Sonic Bombs. By using these bombs, you can stun Apex Diablos temporarily, leaving it completely defenseless for a short amount of time. Use this opportunity to unleash your most powerful combos.

You Charge, You Lose

Apex Diablos loves to charge hunters, but this tendency, like that of burrowing underground, can be used to your own advantage. When you see the monster charging, try getting behind obstacles like rocks: Apex Diablos will charge right into them, getting staggered momentarily and leaving itself open to your offensive.

During the Rampage

The strategies above are good to take down Apex Diablos during Rampage Quests, but they may not be enough. In case the monster is giving you trouble, make sure to use Hunting Installations properly, such as the Splitting Wyvern Shot, the Wyvernfire Artilleries, and the Warriors of Kamura.

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