Monster Hunter Rise

The Rampage is among the new quest types included in Monster Hunter Rise. During these quests, it will be your job to protect Kamura Village from hordes of monsters as they assault the village’s defenses and try to break down the gate. Thankfully, you can not only enlist the help of your friends, but you will also be able to use a variety of hunting installations that can make quite a difference in a bind.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Hunting Installations available during the Rampage.

Manned Types

These types of Hunting Installations require someone to use them. None of them will activate automatically.


The Ballistae are Hunting Installations that fire ammo rather quickly in a straight line. With excellent range and accuracy, they are great for taking down fast monsters or target certain parts.

  • Ballista Shot – Deals standard damage. Number of ammo fired increases when leveled up.
  • Crag Shot – Deals impact damage. Hit enemy monsters in the head to stun them!
  • Retreat Shot – Knocks back a target. Also sends flying enemies straight to the ground.


Cannons fire shells in an arc that explode on impact, causing damage over a wider area. Their range and accuracy aren’t perfect, so you may want to use them to target groups of monsters.

  • Cannon Shot – Deals regular damage. More cannons become available on the Stronghold levels up.
  • Piercing Shot – Pierces targets. These shots can be charged for increased efficacy.
  • Thunder Shot – Deals thunder damage and can be charged up for increased damage. It can also cause Thunderblight.

Machine Cannon

Machine Cannons fire quick shots in a straight line, so they are excellent in close range. Their range is not that great, so you’d better stick to Ballistae in case you’re going after far-away monsters.

  • Quick Shot – Deals regular damage. Very quick reload time.
  • Quick Cluster Shot – Multi-projectile shot that’s great to take down multiple enemies at close range.
  • Silkbind Shot – Pulls a target towards you. Great to use right before a Cluster Shot.

Auto Hunting Installations

These Hunting Installations do not require to be manned, as they activate depending on certain conditions.

  • Defender Ballista – Fires normal arrows at certain intervals.
  • Defender Cannons – Fires regular cannon balls periodically to deal damage to a wide area.
  • Wyvernfire Artillery – This Installation can fire two different shots. Flaming Beam fires a pillar of flame that deals great damage in a small area. Flaming Shot, on the other hand, fires a shot that deals ok damage but in a wider area.
  • Bamboo Bomb – Essentially a landmine, the Bamboo Bomb explodes when a monster steps on it.

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