How to Deal with the Overwhelming Amount of Characters in Fire Emblem Engage


In Fire Emblem Engage, the story moves at a pretty brisk pace, as Alear travels throughout the continent of Elyos in search of the legendary Emblem Rings. You’ll be recruiting characters from each kingdom, and sometimes it may feel a little overwhelming. Today, we’ll teach you how to deal with the overwhelming amount of characters in Fire Emblem Engage.

Dealing with the Large Amount of Characters in Fire Emblem Engage

Once Alear journeys out of the Somniel and goes on a quest to reuniting the kingdoms against the Fell Dragon, they’ll be joined by a colorful cast of characters.

On average, about six or seven characters will join Alear’s army per kingdom. This means that by the time you reach the endgame, you’ll easily have over twenty units to choose from.

This wouldn’t be a problem normally, but unfortunately each chapter limits the amount of units you can bring in to the battle, so you’re forced to bench some of your units.

The loading screen grows with every new character you recruit.

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This system encourages players to perform a sort of balancing act—which characters should you focus on leveling up, and which ones should be benched? But you don’t want to bench a character for too long, otherwise they’re going to fall behind, right?

It might seem a like a lot to think about it, but don’t worry about stressing over it. Believe it or not, Engage actually has one of smaller rosters compared to past Fire Emblem games. How you deal with the amount of characters can easily be boiled down to a few factors:

  • Pick your favorites based solely on stats. Naturally, because there are so many characters, there will be some that are just flat out better than others. Refer to our best unit tier list and best mages tier list for a general idea of who’s the best of the best.
  • Pick your favorites based on how much you like the character. Maybe the character is really cute, strong, funny, or charming in some sort of way. You don’t have to worry about tier lists, as all units in Engage can be viable as long as you spend the time to strengthen them.

It’s generally a good idea to use newly acquired units a couple of times until you get a feel for them. That way, you’ll know if you like them or not and whether their stats are good enough for you.

As a general rule, if a character seems to struggle as soon as you recruit them, that’s usually a sign that you’ll need to invest some significant time for them to become viable.

To summarize, the most important thing is to not worry about using every single character evenly. That’s just not realistically possible, and the game doesn’t expect this out of you either—it instead gives you the tools to power up your favorites.

That concludes our guide on how to deal with the overwhelming amount of characters in Fire Emblem Engage. If you have any other tips for dealing with the deluge of characters, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Deal with the Overwhelming Amount of Characters in Fire Emblem Engage


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