How to Cut Power to Control Panels in Fortnite

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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is ending soon and this week’s Resistance Quests moves the storyline on. Players helped The Imagined speak to everyone across all loudspeakers, and found the control keys hidden in dangerous IO infiltrated areas. Now it is time to find and destroy control panels within the depths of Command Cavern. Find out more below!

How to Find and Destroy the Control Panels in Fortnite

The first part of this quest is to establish a device uplink near Command Cavern. There are 3 to choose from, but the best is closest to Command Cavern as the next task is set within the actual cavern. After walking over the blue marker you will hear your next instructions.

Establish the device uplink near Command Cavern (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Within Command Cavern there are 3 control panels which you must find and destroy in order to cut power to the IO. These are not easy to find and it may take a few attempts as the cavern is overrun with other players and IO guards.

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The first panel is best accessed through the southern most point of Command Cavern, through the tunnel with the zipline outside.

Enter here to and head left (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

On the left is a door to a room with beds, and a vent. Enter the vent and find the panel in a secret room.

Behind the beds is a vent- enter here and find the panel (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

The panels are highlighted in white sparkles. Destroy the panel using your pickaxe.

Hit the panel with your pickaxe (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

There is another panel hidden nearby in another vent. This one is accessed by heading to the right as you enter the zipline entrance.

Find this panel in a nearby vent (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Each of the panel is hidden inside a secret room behind vents so if you are having trouble finding them, just find a vent. Explore the vents and see if there is a panel hidden in a room there!

This panel is also in a secret rom within the vents (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

The final panel one we found was best accessed by entering Command Cavern through the giant wind tunnel where you jump in and go down until you find an open doorway. Land in this doorway, go up the stairs, and head left. Slide under a half open door, into a shower room with a vent at the end. Explore in this vent area and find the panel within the secret room.

This panel can also be access through the other side as you enter through the long river tunnel and head right towards this area, going through the vent under the stairs:

Access the vent from either side (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

This is one of the trickiest quests this week- watch out for players waiting in the vents, and for IO guards wandering about. Make sure you load up before heading into Command Cavern this week.

Good luck with this week’s Resistance Quests.

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How to Cut Power to Control Panels in Fortnite


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