How to Cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Cure zombie villager

Villagers are one of the unique creatures in Minecraft. They come in many designs, depending on the biome or their profession. When a villager is attacked by a zombie in either Normal or Hard difficulty mode, it can become a zombie villager. Fortunately, there is a way to cure zombie villagers in Minecraft.

Guide to Curing a Zombie Villager in Minecraft

Zombie villagers are pretty much useless as they cannot trade and are harmful to other villagers. Moreover, players lose access to all the available trades on the villager. Instead of slaying them, players can cure zombie villagers and turn them back into regular villagers.

Players will need a splash potion of Weakness and a golden apple to cure a zombie villager. A potion of Weakness is created by adding a fermented spider eye to a water bottle in a brewing stand. After making a potion of Weakness, players will have to add gunpowder to it inside a brewing stand to make a splash potion of Weakness.

As for the golden apple, it can be crafted by surrounding an apple with eight gold ingots on a crafting table. Players can also find golden apples inside treasure chests. Once you have a golden apple and a splash potion of Weakness, follow these steps to cure the zombie villager:

  1. Keep the zombie village in a confined place.
  2. Throw the splash potion of Weakness on the zombie villager.
  3. Then, use the golden apple on the zombie villager.

That’s it! After feeding the golden apple, you will have to wait for around 100 seconds for the villager to be cured in Minecraft. A villager remembers the player who cured it and gave exclusive cheap trades.

Players can zombify villagers forcefully and cure them multiple times to lower trade prices to a minimum. Curing zombie villagers is an easy way to earn emeralds in Minecraft.

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How to Cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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