Flying Contraptions, aka Flying Machines, are mechanisms built using different blocks that players can use to move freely in one or more directions in air or water. 

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The above-land Flying Contraption is somewhat a common thing in Minecraft. Especially in Java Edition, thanks to the Quasi-Connectivity. Even in Bedrock Edition, you will see many players use the Flying Contraption above-land. 

But, creating the underwater Flying Mechanism is somewhat a daunting task, especially in Bedrock Edition, where players lack the Quasi-Connectivity property of dispensers, droppers, and pistons. 

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Keeping that in mind, we have created a handy guide that talks about how players can make the Underwater Flying Contraption in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. 

How to Create an Underwater Flying Contraption

The materials required to make Flying Contraptions depend on players. Whether they want to make a big and complex Flying Contraption or a small and handy Flying Contraption – based on the choice, they need materials. 

  • Hopper X 1 
  • Chests X2
  • Levers X 2 
  • Blue Ice X 2 
  • Observers X 3
  • Water Buckets X 2
  • Door X 1
  • Honey Blocks X 4
  • Sticky Pistons X 3
  • Signs X 5
  • Trapdoors X 2

Apart from the above materials, players need around 2.5 stacks of building blocks such as Glass, 3.5 stacks of temporary blocks such as Dirt, 3.5 stacks or kelp to speed up the process, three immovable blocks such as obsidian.

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Once you have all the items, you can follow this video, timestamp 1:30, to check how exactly you have to place the blocks and use the above materials to create the Underwater Flying Contraption. 

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