How to Craft the Arbalest Crossbow in Valheim – Guide

the arbalest crossbow from valheim

If you enjoy open world games and mythology, you need to check out Valheim. This game puts players into the perspective of a Viking who has fallen in battle. You are brought to a strange plane between the human world and the land of the gods, as before you can enter the paradise of Valhalla, you must prove your worth. You do this of course by playing the game and battling the enemies of the land. There’s lots to do in Valheim, from fighting bosses to forging different kinds of weapons and armor. The game’s recent Mistlands update added lots of new features, including the Arbalest Crossbow. This is how to craft the Arbalest Crossbow in Valheim.

How To Make A Black Forge In Valheim

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To build an Arbalest Crossbow, you absolutely need a Black Forge. Any Mistlands weapon will need this, so you should prioritize making it. To make it, these are the resources you need:

  • 5 Black Cores
  • 10 Yggdrasil Wood
  • 10 Black Marbles

You can find Black Cores in the Infested Mines that are in the Mistlands biome. You’ll need these for putting together the other weapon making platforms in this area, so be sure to stock up on extras.

How To Make A Blackmetal Axe In Valheim

A column from Valheim.

Collecting Yggdrasil Wood is a little bit more complicated because you need a Blackmetal Axe to get it from the Yggdrasil shoots. This is a good weapon to make because it can cut up a lot of different kinds of trees, so it is useful beyond this. To craft one, it will require:

  • 20 Black Metals
  • 6 Fine Wood
  • 5 Linen Threads

How To Make A Blackmetal Pickaxe In Valheim

To collect Black Marbles, look inside the Giant Remains that are found throughout the Mistlands. Like the Yggdrasil Wood, you need a special weapon to mine Black Marbles, that being the Blackmetal Pickaxe. For the pickaxe, you need:

  • 25 Black Metals
  • 3 Yggdrasil Wood

How To Make An Arbalest Crossbow In Valheim

Once you have your Black Forge set up, you have the vessel you need to make your Arbalest Crossbow. The ingredients for the Arbalest Crossbow are:

  • 8 Irons
  • 4 Roots
  • 10 Wood

You can find Roots in the Swamps as loot after battling Abominations. Wood is available all over the map and Iron is made from the Iron Scraps that you can find in Muddy Scrap Piles in the Sunken Crypts, which are located in the Swamp area. Take the scraps to a Smelter with some Coal to make it into proper Iron. After you collect everything, go to the Black Forge and make your Arbalest Crossbow.

Now you have a strong weapon that protect you as explore Valheim and the Mistlands! For more advice on navigating your adventure in Valheim and game updates, stay tuned for Touch Tap Play’s coverage!

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How to Craft the Arbalest Crossbow in Valheim – Guide


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